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Offshore Banking - Tell Me About Offshore Stock Trading And Online Banking
Offshore Banking - offshore banking articles
Offshore Banking - offshore banking articles

Tell Me About Offshore Stock Trading And Online Banking

Tell Me About Offshore Stock Trading And Online Banking?

When you are thinking about offshore stock trading and online banking you might consider The Commonwealth of Dominica. Dominica offers one of the best tax havens, and proposition offshore banking and asset protection in total secrecy. Dominica has some of the newest offshore legislation in the world and is more unlike than most other jurisdictions, technologically.

All offshore bank accounts will be opened in the name of your offshore company, with use from their law aegis and Dominica's new care formation process. Your International Business Company cede be incorporated with the documents sent back to you by courier within a few days. You may have bearer shares with only unrivaled director of your company for incorporation.

You will also have your choice of offshore banks in 5 jurisdictions, including Dominica, due to offshore stock trading and online banking. You will have internet access to your account from anywhere in the world. You will also receive free brokerage account documents being part of your account package.

Why should you choose an offshore stock trading, online banking, offshore organization in Dominica? You will need only single director and one shareholder to get you registered as a company, director and shareholder can be the same person. A company secretary is not required by law. Bearer shares and non par price shares are allowed. There is no limitation to the value of Share Capitol and incorporation and daybook fees are not dependant upon the Share Capital amount. The annual fee is due on the day the company was incorporated. Share capital can be in any currency, and the State guarantees tribute abandonment for a minimum of 20 years. Annual shareholder meetings can be held in meed country in the world and there is no need to come to Dominica to incorporate your company or conduct business.

You should choose Offshore Company in Dominica because there are no taxation treaties with other countries so there is no need to exchange information with other tax authorities. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of names for your new company. Dominica offers the lowest prices on the market for IBC incorporations and offshore services. Significant discounts are available for clients who buy package services. You can incorporate online and stipend online with Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express; if you want to remain anonymous, you can pay by Western Union, Wire Transfer, or Money Gram. There is also an option to pay by wire transfer.

The process of swell with Dominica will not take more than 24 hours. Your charge will be incorporated with the Government Agent with years of experience in offshore services. You will incorporate a concern from the country of origin, there will typify no middle man. This will save you money and make all of your business activities confidential. If you are serious about becoming incorporated in Dominica, you will typify able to throng from many packages they offer for offshore stock trading and online banking.


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