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Offshore Banking - offshore banking articles

What Is Online Offshore Banking

What Is Online Offshore Banking?

Licensed are many offshore banks in many countries. It would be your choice as to which country you want to set up your offshore online banking account. In this article we will take a look at Latvian offshore online banking.

Experienced are 22 banks in Latvia, you will need to choose whether you need the services of a big bank or a smaller bank that will offer a specialized lift. Latvian banks offer:

- Multicurrency facilities
- Full - featured internet banking
- Maestro or VISA debit card
- Master Card and Visa credit cards
- Able to deposit funds via wire transfer, check or cash
- Customer service in English, German, Latvian, and Russian
- All banking information is protected by Latvian law

Opening a Latvian Bank Account:

- Find a bank that offers the features you desire
- It would serve as best to hire an agent - costs between $100 and $200 US. The agent knows about the banks in Latvia and leave help you with your needs
- You will need to either visit or open an account by mail

To manage your account online:

- Client - Bank software allows poop with the bank by secure modem connection.
- You will be given a user ID and password that will allow you to access your account.
- Code tables will be allow you to use a different password each time you use Fax to contact the bank.
- You will be offered the list of accept cards, debit cards and ATM cards.

To open an account you will need:

- A notarized copy of your valid driver's license.
- Your signature on the Specimen Signature Card.
- A street address where your papers on your account will be delivered by courier.
- Certificate of Registration of your company.
- Memorandum, articles, by - laws from your company.
- Power of Attorney.

Each bank has it's own regulations, in some of the banks the passport copy does not need to be certified but the signature card does. Certification is by notary, Latvian embassy, bank solicitor or government official. Latvian bank privacy policy for offshore online banking says, information and transactions will never be disclosed to anyone other than the corporate owners or appropriate officials of the corporation. Criminal proceedings will be brought condemn fraction person who has disclosed information on the accounts and financial services of customers.

There is a difference between Latvian and Swiss banking secrecy, however, in both countries at least one person in the bank should understand the identity of the customer for authorization purposes. Both countries have due diligence requirements and denying money laundering laws. Both countries are able to open Numbered accounts, where a number replaces your name on all accounts.


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